PR24116, Apartment Block, Schönwölkau, Saxony, Germany


The two buildings were erected in 1950 and mostly restored in 1995. They are being sold as a package. They have a total area of approximately 220.79 square meters and are rented out. This fully tenanted blocks are achieving an amazing 11,90% yield p.a.

The property is located in the city centre of Delitzsch. Schools, clinics, bar, restaurants, grocery shops and shopping centres etc. are a part of the city centre. Public transport is available in many, options such as buses. Delitzsch is a German city in Saxony, near Leipzig. It is part of the district of Nordsachsen. Delitzsch considered to be one of the largest sugar producer in Europe. A huge railway connections have been panted for the Deutsche Bahn. It was finished in 2006 and considered the largest private rail plant in Germany. Also Delitzsch has a hospital which is the largest in the county. Delitzsch has many sights to offer, including a castle, a medieval inner city, and a historic town wall which was rebuilt in the 1990s.
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